Lyubov Agapova

Lyubov Agapova (Russian: Любовь Агапова; born May 24, 1956 in Chekhov, Sakhalin Oblast) is an Estonian actress, best known for Lilja's Mother in Lilja 4-ever. She graduated from the Chekhov 2nd Secondary School in 1973 and from the Pedagogical Institute of Fine Arts of the Far East in 1977. She worked at the Drama Theater of the Baltic Fleet in Liepāja from 1977 to 1983, and at the Kaliningrad Drama Theater from 1983 to 1985. Since 1985, she has been an actress of the Russian Theater.

Known For: Acting

Birthday: 1956-05-24

Place of Birth: Chekhov, Sakhalin Oblast

Also Known As: Любовь Агапова, Ljubov Agapova

Lyubov Agapova