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The Good Cop

The Good Cop

3 Nézetek
Danny Confino is a full-time cop, during one of the police's worst times. A period in which its image is at a low ebb, they are ousted every week, harassed by commanders twice a week, budgets are cut and complaints against police are piled up in DIP offices. He returns to his parents' home in order to live there temporarily, but the temporary becomes permanent and Danny finds that life at home is superior to any crime scene.

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Futásidő: 30:14 percek

Minőség: HD

Első adás dátuma: Aug 15, 2015

Utolsó adás dátuma: Sep 19, 2019

Epizód: 37 Epizód

Évszak: 3 Évszak

IMDb: 5.667