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Little Mom

Little Mom

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Little Mom tells the story of Naura (Natasha Wilona), a beautiful, accomplished 16-year-old girl who is the pride of parents who aspire to become an obstetrician. Unfortunately, her dreams fall apart due to being pregnant with Yuda (Teuku Rassya), a cool and popular guy at school. The situation becomes even more complicated as Yuda moves to Japan and Naura has to face Keenan (Al Ghazali), the troublemaker at school but is always there for Naura in times of trouble. Naura also has to face Celine (Elina Joerg), Naura's tough rival in every way, who also likes Keenan.-bioskopin21


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ランタイム: 50:14 分

品質: HD

初放送日: Jun 10, 2021

最終放送日: Oct 15, 2021

エピソード: 13 エピソード

シーズン: 1 シーズン

IMDb: 2