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별빛이 내린다

별빛이 내린다

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Follows the coming-of-age story of a male student and two female students who share the same name, who first meet as freshmen in college. Choi Kyung Soo, who hails from Sokcho and moves to Seoul for college. Perhaps due to the pain he experienced during his high school days, Choi Kyung Soo has a hard time opening his heart to others. The confident and cool Lee Hyun Jung [A] is admired by the other students at school and is more mature than most of her peers. When she and Choi Kyung Soo meet in a stargazing club, they develop feelings for each other that they are unable to express. The hard-working and intelligent Lee Hyun Jung [B] was admitted to college at the top of her class and has little in common with Lee Hyun Jung [A] apart from their name and major. Lee Hyun Jung [B] finds herself drawn to the reserved Choi Kyung Soo, who always seems to keep a distance between himself and the other students at school, and she tries to bring him into her group of friends.


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Жұмыс уақыты: 1:47:31 минут

Сапа: HD

Босату: Jan 01, 1970

IMDb: 10

Ел: South Korea

Тіл: 한국어/조선말

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