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Supercar Megabuild

Supercar Megabuild

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Buckle up petrol-heads, there's a shiny, motoring show on the scene. Putting a fresh spin on your typical car transformation TV show, Supercar Megabuild. In every episode our British motor-mad mechanics will embark on an ambitious mission to transform an ordinary car into extraordinary supercar, fit for the racetrack. But with limited time and other inevitable roadblocks piling on the pressure, will they succeed in creating the ultimate supercars?

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Жұмыс уақыты: 45:14 минут

Сапа: HD

Бірінші эфир күні: Feb 17, 2016

Соңғы эфир күні: Jul 13, 2017

Эпизод: 18 Эпизод

Маусым: 2 Маусым

IMDb: 2.7

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