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The Wonderland of Ten Thousands

The Wonderland of Ten Thousands

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Ye Xingyu'’s master Yu Huanxian went and left a giant Tianyuan Shenzong. Ye Xingyun became the new leader of the Tianyuan Shenzong. At the same time, he exchanged place with the tenth prince of King Qi, and became a child of a small family, hidden in it, waiting for revenge. Ye Xingyun embarked on a very dangerous road, but with his own strategy, and Tianyuan Shenzong masters of all the help of experts, vertical and horizontal tactics, strategizing, against the huge Grand Dynasty.

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Жұмыс уақыты: 7:14 минут

Сапа: HD

Бірінші эфир күні: Mar 21, 2018

Соңғы эфир күні: Mar 22, 2023

Эпизод: 409 Эпизод

Маусым: 5 Маусым

IMDb: 2