Hassan Fathi

Hassan Fathi born on September 2, 1959 in Tehran (Persian: حسن فتحی) is an Iranian film and TV series director and screenwriter. Mostly known for popular TV series like: Heroes never die, Lighter than darkness, and Zero degree turn. He is the father of Amirhossein Fathi, a young actor. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Shahid Beheshti and a master's degree in directing from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran.[2] Fathi is a creative dramatist and psychologist. He started his artistic activities with playing in college theatre. However, he started his professional activities and entered the world of art since 1989 by writing critiques of theater and cinema in journals such as Soroush, Tamashakhaneh, Donyayetassvir, and Namayesh as well as theater writing and directing. In this respect, he can be considered a researcher art and cinema as well. Since 1993, he entered television and started making TV series and in 2004, he joined the directors of Iranian cinema by making the movie "Marriage, Iranian Style". Fathi also teaches as a professor at various universities and is now the educational manager of the Art and Cultural Institute of Karname.[3] Fathi made two big series in Iran "Zero Degree Turn" and "Shahrzad". TV series of "Hamsayeha", "Pahlevanan nemimirand", "Farad dir ast", "Shabe dahom", "Mive Mamnooe", "Lighter Than Darkness", "Tears and Smiles", and "Dar masire zayandeh rood" as well as the tele-theaters of "A Murder Mystery", "Mousetrap", and telefilm of "Manuscript" are the results of 18 years of continuous activity of Hassan Fathi in the field of television programs.

Белгілі: Creator

Туған күн: 1959-09-02

Туған жері: Tehran, Iran

Сонымен бірге белгілі: Hasan Fathi, حسن فتحی, Hasan Fathy, Hassan Fathy

Hassan Fathi