Min Do-yoon

The play started with a child actor, and he belonged to the drama club even in high school. Started full-scale actor business at the age of 27. He has a well-trained body and many villains have a strong image, but he is also good at comical roles. He is learning Japanese and aiming for activities in Japan. Major appearances include "Forbidden Sex", "Yongjugol", and "Studio 2.0"

Белгілі: Acting

Туған күн: 1983-05-04

Туған жері: Seoul, South Korea

Сонымен бірге белгілі: 민도윤, 闵度允, Min Ji-geun, Kim Ji-seong, 김지성, Ji Seong, 지성, Min Ji-seong, 민지성

Min Do-yoon