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Mr Don & Mr George

Mr Don & Mr George

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Mr Don & Mr George was a Channel 4 sitcom, featuring two characters from the Scottish comedy sketch show Absolutely. Moray Hunter and Jack Docherty played two unrelated characters who happened to share a surname. Hunter and Docherty wrote the series and it was made by their production company, Absolutely Productions. The humour was surreal and often featured ridiculous visual gags and wordplay. A single six-episode series was made, and was first broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 in 1993. The series was released on VHS in the 1990s. A single VHS tape was released with all six episodes on as well. This tape stated that it had the entire first series on one tape, however no further series were made.


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Жумуш убактысы: 30:14 мүнөт

Сапаты: HD

Биринчи эфир күнү: Aug 25, 1993

Акыркы эфир күнү: Sep 29, 1993

Эпизод: 6 Эпизод

Сезон: 1 Сезон

IMDb: 4.5

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