Necdet Yakın

Born in 1932, Bulgaria. Yakın, who is an artist of Istanbul City Theaters, started theater in 1958 at Istanbul Technical University. The artist, who attended the Cep Tiyatrosu courses directed by Haldun Dormen, entered the City Theater in 1960 with the help of Zihni Küçümen and Nüvit Özdogru and continued to act after his retirement in 1997. He started filmmaking in 1962. Most recently, she acted in the movie Balalaika. “In Turkish Cinema, there is more to the humor of the person than the sitcom. I don't find this true. The situation should be funny and the actor should be helping it.” He died on September 20, 2016 in Istanbul.

Белгилүү: Acting

Туулган күн: 1932-01-01

Туулган жери: Bulgaristan

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Necdet Yakın