Edward is an Egyptian actor and he started his career singing and playing guitar in a band called Gypsy. He also produced many of their music videos. He was cast by the famous director Osama Fawzy to play a small role in his film "Beyheb El Cinema," which won him a number of other film roles, like "Mahmoud Hamida" in 2004. He often plays supporting, sidekick characters in films like "Leila Alawi," "Bahebak wa Bamoot Fik," "Kalaam fi al Hob," "Gaaletny Mogrem," and "Fi Mohatat Masr." He's also starred in the TV sitcom "El Ayada." In 2013, he's starring in the Ahmed Helmy comedy "Ala Gothty" (Over My Dead Body). He's enjoyed moderate success and has long been a steady choice for secondary characters.

Белгилүү: Acting

Туулган күн: 1972-04-15

Туулган жери: Cairo, Egypt

Ошондой эле белгилүү: إدوارد