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4 Tirohanga
Pili is a puppet show from Taiwan. It is made by Pili International Multimedia. The TV series started in 1985, and it still continues today. It is one of the most popular TV shows in Taiwan. Pili puppet show is performed by many kinds of puppets, some of them are cool, some are intelligent, and some are funny. Unlike traditional puppet shows, Pili puppet show uses state-of-the-art animation to help present its fighting art. The delicate design of the appearance and characteristics of each puppet has made Pili puppet show a well-known entertainment in Taiwan.

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Rima: 60:14 meneti

Kounga: HD

Te Ra Tuatahi: Jun 01, 1988

Te rangi whakamutunga o te rangi: Jan 27, 2023

Episode: 2807 Episode

Wā: 83 Wā

IMDb: 3.2

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