Chen Shucheng

Chen Shu Cheng is a veteran artiste whose career spans over 40 years in the entertainment business. Undisputedly the person all younger artistes look up to, Shu Cheng is a role model for anyone who wishes to carve out and sustain a profession in this business. He is well liked by sponsors due to his eloquence and quick wit. These attributes gave him the chance to host Econ Nite and Weekend Delight year after year. With his vast amount of life experience behind him, Shu Cheng is able to handle live and major shows without any hiccups. He is also a consummate actor whose professional ethics is an exemplifying example to all other artistes. He has acted in blockbuster productions that garnered amazing ratings from viewers. Give him any role and Shu Cheng is able to break it down analytically without much effort. Without a doubt, he is definitely a valuable asset to Mediacorp. Shu Cheng was reaffirmed of his hard work and acting skills, when he won the Best Supporting Award for The Oath 行医, at Star Awards 2012. He was also awarded the Best Evergreen Artiste Award in Star Award 2016. Shu Cheng won his second Best Everygreen Artiste Award in Star Award 2018, his second Best Supporting Actor Award for A Million Dollar Dream and his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Award in Star Awards 2019.

Known For: Acting

Birthday: 1949-10-21

Place of Birth: Shantou, China

Also Known As: Soo Seng Tan, Chen Shu-Cheng, 陈澍城

Chen Shucheng