Deko Akao

Hitomi Mieno (三重野 瞳, Mieno Hitomi, December 21, 1977) is a Japanese female singer, lyricist, radio personality, broadcast writer, and screenwriter. In her activities as a screenwriter and broadcast writer, she uses the name Deko Akao (赤尾 でこ, Akao Deko). She is from Fukuoka Prefecture. Her office is Fortunerest and her record company is Geneon Universal Entertainment, formerly JVC Entertainment (Victor Entertainment).

Known For: Writing

Birthday: 1977-12-21

Place of Birth: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Also Known As: Deco Akao, 赤尾でこ, Hitomi Mieno, 三重野 瞳, 三重野瞳

Deko Akao