Adolfo Franco

Social entrepreneur and filmmaker, Adolfo Franco is co-founder and CEO of CAUSAS.ORG, the largest social network for citizen participation in Mexico, with more than 200 thousand organizations and participants. He has been recognized with the 2009 National Solidarity Action Award by the President of Mexico, Mexico Initiative 2010 by Televisa, Gifted Citizen Awards 2012 by the City of Ideas, and with the Google Grant 2012 by the Tides Foundation. He is also part of the first generation of GLOBAL SHAPERS of the World Economic Forum and the advisory council of KYBERNUS. As a partner of KENIO FILMS, Franco has produced high-profile feature films with wide distribution in theaters in Mexico and the US, such as Cantinflas (2014), For those about to Rock (2014), The Perfect Game (2010) and Con los pies en el cielo (2009), working with world-class talent like Oscar Jaenada, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Lugosi Jr, Cliffon Collins, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, with musicians Rodrigo and Gabriela and now with comedian Franco Escamilla.

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Adolfo Franco