Ivan Zettel

Ivan Zettel

  • Title: Ivan Zettel
  • Popularity: 0.6
  • Known For: Directing
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Ivan Zettel Movies

  • 1992
    imgS1 E197

    6.2 1992 HD

    Genre: Drama

    Cast: Antônio Fagundes

  • 2003
    imgS2 E19

    3 2003 HD

    Popstars was a Brazilian reality television series based on the Popstars international series. In Brazil, Popstars was produced by RGB and broadcast...

    Genre: Reality

    Cast: Rick Bonadio

  • 1992
    imgS1 E20

    7.5 1992 HD

    Mini series about the 1960s in Rio de Janeiro, when a politically engaged student falls in love with a left wing journalist's daughter who doesn't...

    Genre: Drama

    Cast: Malu Mader

  • 2017
    imgS1 E159

    10 2017 HD

    The story begins in 1789 in Congo, in Africa, where a tribe celebrates the marriage of Luena and Kamau. The natives, trapped and sold as slaves.

    Genre: Drama

    Cast: Pedro Carvalho

  • 2018
    imgS1 E134

    7 2018 HD

    While the distant kingdom of Belaventura was preparing to choose his new King between Otoniel and Severoo, two men full of ambition, Pietra a poor...

    Genre: Soap

    Cast: Bernardo Velasco

  • 2005
    imgS4 E16

    8 2005 HD

    Genre: Documentary

    Cast: Bemvindo Sequeira

  • 2017
    imgS1 E14

    1 2017 HD

    Genre: Action & Adventure

    Cast: Gracindo Júnior

  • 1993
    imgS1 E185

    1 1993 HD

    Genre: Soap

    Cast: Tarcísio Meira

  • 2012
    imgS2 E154

    7.6 2012 HD

    Elite Way is one of the most renowned educational institutions in the country, where students have access to high quality education and play sports....

    Genre: Family

    Cast: Sophia Abrahão