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Nation's Brother

Nation's Brother

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As Minh Anh returns home from work, he sees Duy Tam, a boy on a bridge, thinking that he wanted to kill himself, he intervenes to save him but realizes that he is wrong about the situation. After drinking a few drinks the two end up spending the night together. While they thought they would never see each other again after that night, they meet again at Minh Anh's, when Duy Tam comes to apply as tutor for Gia Lam, Minh Anh's little sister. Minh Anh, will he agree to let Duy Tam teach his sister after the two have been intimate one night? Do they still remember that drunken night?

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Runtime: 20:14 nóiméad

Cáilíocht: HD

An Chéad Dáta Aeir: Dec 30, 2020

Dáta deireanach an aeir: Feb 19, 2021

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