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The Yard

The Yard

4 Peržiūros
The Yard is a Canadian mockumentary comedy series that originally aired on HBO Canada in 2011. Set in a schoolyard, the series depicts the interactions of two rival gangs of elementary school students, with the plot of each episode serving as a parody of an adult-oriented crime drama series such as The Sopranos or The Wire. In the United States it is available for online streaming exclusively on Hulu in both "censored" and "uncensored" versions and for 1080p HD digital download on the iTunes Store.






Veikimo laikas: 26:14 minučių

Kokybė: HD

Pirmojo eterio data: Jul 08, 2011

Paskutinio eterio data: Aug 05, 2011

Serija: 6 Serija

Sezonas: 1 Sezonas

IMDb: 1.9